Sunday, June 9, 2013

China v United States

    Presidents Xi Jingping and Obama met over the weekend in an attempt to smooth over relations and come to terms on some topics.
    First on the agenda was the spying on China's part. Over the past several years China has been hacking into our government computers. The United States has done very little in retaliation to this. Usually we just say don't do it again and slap China's hand.
    North Korea was also one of the topics to be discussed and coming out of this conversation was the question 'Should North Korea not have nuclear arms'. Both countries agree talks should resume with all parties at the table.
   China and the United States both agree  that mutual trust between the countries should be something to work on. So it wasn't a 'ground breaker' of meetings, but some positive things were brought forth. So kudos to the two countries for meeting in California so they could work on their tans and take in a good movie.