Saturday, June 1, 2013

DVD Review; Wilfred, The Complete Original Series.

    This DVD set is of the Australian version of the FX series Wilfred. The jokes are funny and totally unbelievable coming from the foul mouthed mongrel.
    Sarah and her dog live a comfortable life. Sarah meets Adam at a rock concert and invites him back home. Adam cannot believe his luck as Sarah is totally hot. Adam is on cloud nine until when he walks through the door of Sarah's house and sees a man in a dog suit. Now everyone else sees Wilfred as a dog but not Adam.
     It is now up to Wilfred to make Adam's life miserable in an attempt to get him away from Sarah. This is where the fun begins.
    The show Is hysterically funny but you must be able to catch the vernacular of the Australian Language. At times the jokes can go right over your head. The cool thing is I've been watching British and Australian comedy shows for decades. It is a definite must see. Enjoy.