Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Prayer For 10/15/2013

Sorry for not saying the prayer with you for so long. I have been having some deep heart felt problems. I have been saying the prayer but only for myself. I need your prayers just as much as you need mine.
Lord forgive me for being slack on my morning prayer with everybody. Life caught up with me and has made me wonder if what I'm doing is all the best I can be. Lord you know that I have always been a follower of yours. My problem is sometimes I let myself get caught up in the stupidity of everything that I shouldn't. You see Lord it bothers me to see what's going on in Egypt, United States, Syria, Russia. Korea's, China,  OK let's face there is way too much crap going to keep naming the countries. Lord we need your help. All of us not just myself. We need you to open the hearts of all who have a gripe with their neighbor.
We are not bad people we just have problems with getting along. Lord this way of living is getting to many of us. It must stop. We  must all get along. Lord I pray this morning. To all on the planet Earth, I'm sorry for the sins of our fathers and ourselves. I don't believe we mean to hurt each other. Lord may we all live in peace. To all of you who read my prayers, I'll see you tomorrow. Amen