Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vladimir Putin Warns Gays

President Vladimir Putin has warned the Gay community that he is more afraid of the hoard of Gays coming to the Olympics at Sochi than the possible terrorists that have said they will disturb the Games. Putin can be seen riding horseback, river rapids, or rock climbing but god forbid if anyone at the games takes off his or her shirt. If they do that will constitute some sort of Gay activity. They could be arrested and fined. Now if a terrorists arrives with several sticks of dynamite or c4 that's okay, as long as they keep their shirts on.
Putin last year separated from his wife and since then has literally gone fucking mad. He comes off as a person going through a mid life crisis. I wonder if he was approached by some gay men when he went out drinking one night and it freaked him out. This man is nuts and is in control of  nuclear weapons.
The Olympics will be a godsend for this man and he is worried about some gay people. What's funny is I have no interest in the gay community other than the fact that they are human beings and this man is freaked out about them.
All I can say is that when you attend the games make sure you keep your shirt on and your head down. If the Gay's don't get ya the terrorists will, otherwise have a great time.