Friday, May 30, 2014

Prayer For 5/31/2014

This morning I want to pray for all who are depressed and feel that they are worthless or under appreciated. Everybody needs to feel that they are worth something. We all want to be loved or cared for by someone special. The idea for some to be alone is overwhelming and it makes them feel as if they are nothing. There is good in everyone one of us. Good that people need to enjoy and spread to those who need it. We all must realize that we are worthy love and when we know that we can love and be loved is when we are true human beings. We were not put on this planet to be alone. We all must interact with someone. I pray this day that everyone can know the feeling of love and to be loved. I pray that whatever is holding them back that they can let it go and open themselves up to be loved by someone. Let go of all that holds you back and open your hearts and accept love into your life.