Monday, May 22, 2017

'On The Road, Somewhere (Algun Lugar)' DVD Review

Our story is about three high school chums who have decided to travel the Dominican tropics. Hemingway (Victor Alfonso), Moises (Javier Grullon), and Oliver (Arnold Martinez) each have plans after graduation and the three friends just want to experience freedom before they go on to their individual futures. Hemingway is simply running away from his family and wants to be a writer. He is wanting to use their journey as a stepping stone to his writing. Moises will be going to school to become a civil engineer. He has a passion for photography and wants to use the journey as a swan song to the high school years. It's Oliver who is using the journey to tie up some loose ends in his life. His high school sweetheart is heading to New York and he's wanting to get to her hometown of Pedernales to say goodbye.
The three begin their travels in Oliver's station wagon but it's not the most trustworthy. It breaks down much along the way and eventually the young men are getting around anyway they can. Along the way they would pick up different people who needed rides and its makes for some interesting conversations. When the car finally can't move anymore the guys will hitch hike, use public transportation, and even simply ride a boat or walk to get where they need to go. It's along the way the young boys begin to become young men. They interact with some very interesting characters and each time they come away with something that makes them think about their individual directions they will be taking.
IndiePix Films brings this wonderful adventure to DVD on May 23rd, 2017. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This is a must see for your viewing pleasure. This is the debut for filmmaker Guillermo Zouain and it is excellently done. This is a coming of age film that you simply will want to see over and over. So pick it up and put it into that personal library because the story is entertaining and the scenery is out of this world. Enjoy.