Monday, November 18, 2013


Let's take a look at Egypt these days. Well the curfew is still in place. The Muslim Brotherhood is still outlawed. There is still turmoil in the streets from time to time. The United States dropped sending aid to the military dictatorship that has taken over since the Morsi Coup.
Yeah the military was quick to step in and take over when all the unrest took place last summer. You know you would have thought that the Egyptian people would be tired of living under the military. All those years that they lived such lives what some 40 plus years I believe but they seem to enjoy it. What's funny is that they are navigating back to the Russians like they did those many years ago. Man what would we call that on the street oh yeah a bloody whore.
Egypt we dropped you cause your a bunch of idiots. Go back to the Russians for help see what that will get ya. When ya feel the urge to say to the U.S. please help us. I hope whoever we have as a President will have the power to say no. Drop dead.