Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prayer For 02/23/2014

Lord you give us so much. Sometimes it takes your help to muddle through all of it. We are not always in the best place to tackle some of the problems that we come across. Sometimes the task at hand is just too much for us to comprehend. Lord sometimes we are just not good enough to do the job for you. It is at these times that we usually  come to you and ask for your help. Well Lord I am asking for your help. There is too much controversy going on in this world that we cannot handle the task at hand. In some cases if we don't get help soon our whole way of thought and living will fall by the wayside. In countries like the Ukraine and Valenzuela if help does not come  soon then many will die and many will be without food, water or shelter. Lord I put all this into your hands and pray that solutions can be found quickly. Amen