Wednesday, January 4, 2017

'The Red Skelton Hour In Color' DVD Review

Red Skelton began taping his weekly shows in an old converted movie studio. For CBS he was the first to do so in color. The son of an old circus clown Red Skelton would become the clown prince of TV comedy. His zany characters like Clem Kadiddlehopper, Sheriff Deadeye, and one of my favorites Freddie the Freeloader would keep us in stitches for twenty beautiful years. His shows were suited for the whole family. You had comedy, dancing and singing and for an hour each week you could count on being entertained.

Red Skelton was brilliant. He knew what America wanted and he delivered. This clown prince as he was called would have the best of the best for entertainers on his show. Stars like Phyllis Diller, John Wayne, Mickey Rooney, Tim Conway, and Milton Berle. Red was a patriot through and through. He loved America and it would show each week on his shows. Red would become an accomplished painter, mostly painting clowns. Skelton loved to entertain and if you were lucky to be alive when his show was on I guarantee that you were one of many who would have watched his shows.

Timelife has put together 12 never before released episodes onto DVD and you will be able to buy it on January 3rd, 2017. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are terrific. This is history at its best. TV was young and innocent and Red Skelton was a perfect fit. This will make a perfect addition to that personal library. Your children and grandchildren will thank you over and over for picking this up. This is wonderful entertainment for the whole family. Comedy is supreme if you watch Red Skelton. Entertainment is delivered every single time when Red Skelton is concerned. Enjoy.