Sunday, June 25, 2017

'Striking Out' DVD Review

Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman) is a Dublin Solicitor who is going through some emotional upheaval. Tara had been engaged to her law partner Eric (Rory Keenan) until she caught him cheating on her. Dunbar and Calloway's was a very prestigious law firm but it was simply just too much for Tara to deal with. Tara does not leave practicing law she just sets up shop in an old metal works factory. The building still has character and has a coffee house right next door.

Tara has a private detective by the name of Meg Riley (Fiona O'Shaughnessy) as well as a street wise assistant named Ray (Emmet Byrne) working for her. Tara was also able to get her old mentor Vincent Pike (Neil Morrissey) to come work for her. Tara has some interesting clients but what makes it a little more interesting is she always seems to be going up against her former friends from the law practice. Tara even has to deal with Eric's parents who still hold a grudge against Tara for breaking up with their son Eric. 

'Striking Out' is a very well written legal drama that keeps you interested from start to finish because of all the intersecting sub plots. The actors work well together and the Dublin skyline adds to the story. Acorn brings this legal drama to DVD on June 27th, 2017. The sights and sounds are excellent and the quality of the DVD is wonderful. Tara brings an emotional quality to the story line that you don't usually see in a legal drama. The first season only had four parts but you'll be happy to know that 'Striking Out' is coming back for a second season. This is a refreshing drama that you will want to watch and enjoy. This will make an excellent addition to that personal library. So don't waste any time and hit the store and pick this one up. Enjoy.