Monday, June 5, 2017

'The Irish R. M. Complete Series' DVD Review

Major Sinclair Yates (Peter Bowles) is a retired English Army Officer. A bit of a stuff shirt if you get the hint. It's 1897 and the Major is about to become a Resident Magistrate/Police Officer in rural western Ireland. Now, anyone familiar with that period knows that when you put a stuff shirt by the book ex army officer among rural Irishmen well let's just say you can expect a few laughs. In other words misunderstandings would be expected.

In the first series, the Major has a tough time adjusting to the carefree Irish ways. Like in one of the first episodes, the Major is accused of stealing a horse. Another episode has to deal with a festival that the Major doesn't want beer served and the local publican has a fit. His superiors think he is to lenient in how he deals with the locals and the church, well the church just continues to do what they have always done in Ireland.

The second series has Fluffy (Bryan Murray) returning from his honeymoon and he begins to carry on his deceitful ways. Fluffy and the Major became friends in the first series and everyone thought when he got married he would settle down, not so. The two men go on a hunt when the Major takes a nasty fall in part due to Fluffy.  One of the better episodes has a vessel running aground loaded with rum. Problem is when all is said and done the citizenry have drank it all. Leaving none to be recovered. The third series has the Major continuing to fit in but still being the odd man out and the ending is one of best. The Major gets an offer to move to another posting and he has to make a decision whether to leave or stay. 

The show ran from 1983-85 and was a favorite for most to watch. Acorn has put the complete series in one package and is available May 30th, 2017. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. The Irish countryside is breathtaking and adds flavor to the show. This has got to be one of the best ever made and is worth a nice spot in that personal library of yours. So get out and pick this one up and simply sit back and enjoy good Television at its best.