Sunday, July 28, 2013

Egyptian Military Shoots Protesters

     The Egyptian Military has been busy shooting Muslim Brotherhood protesters. These protesters feel Ex-President Morsi was illegally overthrown from power.  This all started about a month ago when protesters started to fill the streets in the millions to bring down the Morsi government. Egypt had elected him about two years ago but since then the economy has been struggling and Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood had been trying to consolidate power. This infuriated the civilian populace.
     Morsi was overthrown in what some people called a coup. The United States for awhile was at it's wits end because if it was called a coup then the funds that the U.S. had been sending to Egypt would have stopped. This would have caused even more hardship on the Egyptian people . Morsi had called for the brotherhood to get out in the streets and protest his arrest. This in turn has caused more problems and the Military is not putting up with it any longer. People are dying and for what. Morsi will not be reinstated as President and the  Muslim Brotherhood has lost all or most of it's power. This will eventually become a civil war if the Egyptians are not careful. Too much fighting is going on in the Middle East and most of it has to do with the different factions of the  Muslim and Islamic religions. This all must stop or major conflict will  become a problem for the whole Middle East, very soon.