Sunday, July 28, 2013

World Youth Day and Pope Francis.

     To the country of Brazil, I send my love and warm wishes. I am so proud of you and your people. Last week I was afraid demonstrations would ruin today's beautiful mass. I was wrong. Last week, you let the world know that as a country you are upset that so much was to be spent on keeping the Pope safe from any harm. As a fellow Catholic I'm glad that you didn't allow your suffering to shadow this blessed event. You see our children are our future. I believe that when you are hungry and without shelter then you have a right to complain  but I'm glad you allowed his Holiness the Pope to visit your beautiful country and enjoy your warmth. The world needs these youth days to show our young that  there is love out there for things that are out of our control. The Pope visited your worst slum and brought more coverage than any protest would ever have. You see the world is aware of your suffering now and it was done peacefully. I beg you not to give up the fight with your government and to bring needed materials and hopes into your poorest of poor areas. Ask the world for help and we will give it.  As all the people go home from their visit and tell of the beauty and the sadness that is your country. They will in return tell their stories and they will send help. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and this I say to you will happen. Help is on the way but it may take time. I send blessings to all of you and thank you for being our friends and family. Thank You for such a beautiful world youth day.