Tuesday, April 25, 2017

'Americana' DVD Review

Avery Wells (David Call) has fought alcoholism and depression for some time. A film editor by trade he was on task to be something special in the film industry. One night he and his sister Kate (Kelli Garner) were driving along and hit a young boy killing him. Wells would begin to drink himself into oblivion at his cabin because of the guilt feelings for killing the child. Calib Andrews (Jack Davenport)  comes to the cabin one day out of the blue and wants Wells to come clean up a movie he has been working on called 'Americana'.

What's ironic is Wells sister Kate is acting in the movie. Wells cleans up his act and tries to reconnect with family and friends. One day he begins to receive death threats over the phone and the caller is threatening to reveal all of Wells' darkest secrets. What makes this even worse is his sister Kate is murdered soon after the calls begin to come. Wells turns to his old buddy the bottle. Then he's troubled with questions about what caused this tragedy to befall him. Did this have anything to do with the tragedy long ago? Did this have anything to do with his sister's death? He just didn't know but he would become determined to find out why this all happened.
Candy Factory brings this drama to us on DVD on March 28th, 2017. The sights and sounds of the DVD are excellent and the quality of the DVD is exquisite. This mystery is a must for that personal library. Watch a man tear himself apart and put himself back together. As a film editor Avery Wells is one of the best. As a sleuth he is a novice but because of the connection of his sister being involved Wells puts his all into uncovering her murderer. His lawyer Ben (Peter Coyote), though may drive him over the edge with paranoia about all that is going on. So take the time and pick this one up. Enjoy.