Tuesday, April 25, 2017

'Saving Banksy' DVD Review

The art world changes its flavors or what it enjoys almost daily. What might be in vogue today could be trash tomorrow. Street art used to be called vandalism. A person would take the side of building and spray paint it sometimes with gang colors to simply a peace sign. The next day the owner would get out there and paint over it or hire someone to do it. Most of the time the artist would never be caught so the owner would have to pay for his own repairs.
What happens when a very well known street artist chooses the side of your building and paints something on it? Well, back in April 2010, an artist by the name of Banksy painted a picture titled "Haight Street Rat". A few years later the painting is getting a good look by collectors and some want to tear it down and auction off the Rat. Then comes those who want to save it. One can ask who is more misguided the collector or those wanting to save it?

Now, one person wanting to save it is named Brian Greif. He decides to make a documentary about his efforts as not all are happy with his efforts. He would take a lot of flak from city officials. He would be snubbed by museums and there would be those who would offer hundreds of thousands of dollars for the painting.
This behind the scenes look at street art or graffiti is most enlightening. You will get to take in some of the thoughts of artists and how they feel about the Rat. Some of these are the tops in street art like Ben Eine, Risk, Anthony Lister,and Doze Green just to name a few. Candy Factory brings this  wonderful story to DVD on May 2nd, 2017. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. So this is an excellent look at street art and graffiti and would be an excellent addition to that personal library. Enjoy.