Thursday, April 6, 2017

'Jack Taylor Set 3' DVD Review

Jack Taylor (Iain Glen) is an old school type of Gardai /Irish Police at least he was before he went off on a politician that had been pulled over. Now a former cop working as a private detective in Galway Taylor finds he is working cop cases that they don't want to work on. Helping him work these cases are detective Kate Noonan (Siobhan O'Kelly) and her cousin Darragh (Jack Monaghan). These are not simple fly by night cases these are cases that Taylor could call the hardest of his career.

Taylor went through a bad time after being fired from the Gardai. He drank to extreme and would find himself in trouble all over the place. He has been able to control himself and actually is doing well in his new career.
'Jack Taylor Set 3' finds Taylor in a case that is truly bizarre. A man is found crucified and it seems that his brother might be involved. His brother was involved in a hit and run death of a woman. Taylor thinks that maybe the women's family is seeking revenge on the man. In another story, Taylor is looking for a man that has been kidnapped and held for ransom. The man is named Ronan Meyers a former nemesis of Taylor's from days gone by. Finally, in our last story Taylor is hired by a CEO of a software company to retrieve the theft of important data. The main suspect in the theft takes a liking to Taylor and he to her. She turns up dead and Taylor goes after the CEO thinking he murdered her.
Acorn brings this interesting detective series to DVD on March 28th, 2017. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are perfect. This is definitely a must for that personal library and is always a pleasure to watch. Enjoy.