Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Egypt In Turmoil

     For the past two years Egypt has been run by the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi.  Egypt is falling apart at the seems. Tourism is down to about 20% . There are shortages in petrol, food, and other much needed basic services. The government is not helping its own people. It's amazing that all these countries that are being led by anything remotely Muslim are in turmoil. The only way any of these countries will get their act together is to get away from a government driven by religion and onto to a Democratic form. Egypt felt when they voted those two years ago that this was the way they wanted their country to work but time after time there is to much friction in a religious specifically Muslim form of government.
    The demonstrations are getting too physical and the Army has told Morsi to get it under control or it is going to get involved.  Either way Morsi's time as President is going too be short lived. He won't have the ability to get all this under control in that short of time. Man, too many countries are upset with their governments. I almost think we might be seeing a world wide Civil War coming. Great.