Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egyptian Coup Morsi Out

    Former President Morsi has been handed his walking papers. The Army stepped in about 3 hours ago and said the Constitution is suspended. The Army stated also that the Chief Justice will take over the reigns of a temporary government. Elections will be held soon but for now Morsi is in hiding and the people are in the streets celebrating.
     We saw this coming even if Morsi didn't. You can't have 22 million people wanting you to go and think you can hold them off. Egypt has only had about a year at the Democratic process and they can't figure to do this every time that they don't get their way. Yes conditions had gotten worse all around the country and just because you get rid of Morsi does not mean everything will change overnight.
     I hope that the Army keeps its word and allows the elections to be held soon. Good Luck Egypt I wish you the best.