Friday, August 2, 2013

Eygptian Military Wants Protesters To Go Home

Military sources are saying they have told the Muslim Brotherhood that they are getting tired of the protests and will start to get tougher with the crowds. Just like today where they brought out the tear gas. The Muslim Brotherhood just can't seem to understand this is a done deal. They are out of power and all they can cause is bloodshed to innocent people. Look I'm not saying that Morsi is totally at fault here. Egypt was having troubles with the economy and all Morsi wanted to do is bring  the Brotherhood more into the equation. The people rose up and deposed the man. Is this Democracy at it's best, not even close. The United States has been at this Democracy thing for over two hundred years and believe me we still haven't got it completely  right, but we try. You can't just elect a guy and then a year later say that's all your gone. Just like you can't consolidate power and leave out the majority. It just won't work. So get your act together Egypt,  have some patience, and work together. You'll get it right,  have faith. Peace.