Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome to the Machine

Life is like a machine. When we were young we learn how to operate the bugger. We learn the procedures that make up the process of living. We learn how to maintain the machine, keep it oiled and cared for. We learn at a young age that we are required to this work for the rest of our lives. We learn right from wrong. We learn that if we operate our machines that we will have a retirement and be able to relax in our old age. Okay, here is the problem the machine is broke and no one knows how to fix it. We kill, rape, steal, and do just about everything we can to make the easy buck. We have lost our way and don't realize that if we don't properly teach our children how to operate their machines that in later years they will never leave the homestead. We have screwed ourselves and it is time to lay down our weapons and look each other in the eye and say we must get along for our children's sake . No more Muslim against Christian. No more Sunni versus Shiite. No more capitalism against communism. No more black versus white. We are all brothers and sisters  and we must learn to get along so we can fix the machine. If we don't we leave this world worse off than when we got it, our children will inherit a world far more broken than when we inherited it. Let's fix the machine today.