Monday, August 26, 2013

Middle East Update

Well it has been one interesting summer in the middle east. Starting off in Syria we have the Syrian government blaming the rebels for a chemical attack and we have the rebels blaming the Syrian government for the attack. The talks that were supposed to happen this summer between the rebels and the Syrian government won't take place. It seems Russia has sent weapons to the Syrian government and the Americans who promised to send arm to the Rebels has not taken place. You also have the Russian President Putin and the American President Obama not wanting to play together. You also have Iran and Lebanon interfering and talking trash.
Next let's go down to Egypt and look and see what's going on there. OK Ex-President Mubarak is under house arrest. Ex-President Morsi is under arrest. The military has taken over and doesn't  look like it is going to give up control anytime in the near future. The military has ordered the shoot to kill orders to anyone demonstrating in the streets. So that is coming to an end as the Muslim brotherhood lost quite a few people over the last couple of weeks. The U.S. and Egyptian military exercises that were to take place have been canceled. The U.S. doesn't want to play with them.
The Palestinian and Israelis talks that were taking place have gone unnoticed. Lebanon and Israel have been lobbing missiles back and forth at each other.
Iraqi violence is on the upswing as the Sunni and Shiite don't want to play together anymore. Libya is still not a good place to go since the murder of Gadhafi back in 2011.
So let's see has the middle east changes over the summer, no. Honestly should the Americans really care anymore about all this stupidity, no. Should we just nuke the hell out of the middle east, yes. Would this solve our problems, yes. Look there will come a time when we the Americans won't need middle eastern oil. So we won't care what goes on over there.