Saturday, August 3, 2013

Prayer For 8/3/2013

Thank you Lord for the end of a beautiful week. I hope all who read this prayer had a great week. I wish them a good week to come . Enjoy the weekend and rest up for the week ahead. I put everything in God's hands and let him do all the worrying. If you can pray and believe that the Lord is there for you. I can say this to you; your life will be so much better.  I hope and pray that whatever is bothering you that if you put it in God's hands you will see the glory of his work. I was once a sinner of great magnitude and now the Lord takes care of all this. It has given me so much more time to work on other things rather than worry about what I've done against him and you. We are all here for a purpose and I hope everyone can see what their true reason for being here will be shown to you. I pray for all of you and wish you a very good Saturday. amen