Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ben Affleck: His Movies

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Movie Review: ABSENCE

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Movie Review: Floating City

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Prayer For 8/28/2013

Lord I feel bad this morning and I hope I'm not coming down with something. Lord today I simply pray for calmer heads to prevail in the middle east. I pray for all who read this and apologize for not having more to say. Amen  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colin Farrell: His Movies

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Whoopi Goldberg: Her Movies

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Movie Review. U 571

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Tom Hanks: His Movies

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Movie Review: The Running Man

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Prayer For 8/27/2013

Lord you answer my prayers and you give me the courage to deal with another day. You are in my life and you give the love I need. Father I pray for all who need you in their lives. I don't know what they need to do other than just pray for your love and forgiveness of their sins. Lord people need you their life to be able to succeed in their jobs, their family and friends . We are sinners Lord and today I just don't want to sin. I pray for all who are troubled and want to commit suicide because they feel they can't do any better. I put all this into your hands. Amen

Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Review: Trouble With The Curve

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U.N. gets shot at in Syria

United Nations inspectors were shot at by snipers on there way to view the area where a chemical attack was reported last week. President Assad has finally allowed the U.N. to enter his country to see whether or not that chemical weapons were used last week on civilians. Assad says that it was the Rebels who used chemical weapons and vice versa the Rebels accuse Assad. Unfortunately we may never know the true story. The Americans feel it was Assad and the Russians and Iranians feel it was the Rebels. The Americans have been told not to intervene in any way militarily by the Russians and the Iranians. Nuke them all this is getting nuts.

Morgan Freeman: His Movies

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Movie Review: The Mechanic (2011)

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Middle East Update

Well it has been one interesting summer in the middle east. Starting off in Syria we have the Syrian government blaming the rebels for a chemical attack and we have the rebels blaming the Syrian government for the attack. The talks that were supposed to happen this summer between the rebels and the Syrian government won't take place. It seems Russia has sent weapons to the Syrian government and the Americans who promised to send arm to the Rebels has not taken place. You also have the Russian President Putin and the American President Obama not wanting to play together. You also have Iran and Lebanon interfering and talking trash.
Next let's go down to Egypt and look and see what's going on there. OK Ex-President Mubarak is under house arrest. Ex-President Morsi is under arrest. The military has taken over and doesn't  look like it is going to give up control anytime in the near future. The military has ordered the shoot to kill orders to anyone demonstrating in the streets. So that is coming to an end as the Muslim brotherhood lost quite a few people over the last couple of weeks. The U.S. and Egyptian military exercises that were to take place have been canceled. The U.S. doesn't want to play with them.
The Palestinian and Israelis talks that were taking place have gone unnoticed. Lebanon and Israel have been lobbing missiles back and forth at each other.
Iraqi violence is on the upswing as the Sunni and Shiite don't want to play together anymore. Libya is still not a good place to go since the murder of Gadhafi back in 2011.
So let's see has the middle east changes over the summer, no. Honestly should the Americans really care anymore about all this stupidity, no. Should we just nuke the hell out of the middle east, yes. Would this solve our problems, yes. Look there will come a time when we the Americans won't need middle eastern oil. So we won't care what goes on over there.     

Movie Review: Airplane!

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Movie Review: Brian's Song

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Prayer For 8/26/2013

Lord thank you for the upcoming week. Thank you for the challenges of each and every day. Lord thank you for all my friends and family. Lord thank you for all that you do for me. The food and shelter you have given me over the years, I thank you. Lord I pray for all the people that I come in contact with each  and  every day. You have given me the strength to overcome all obstacles that will come my way. Lord I pray for all who are homeless and hungry. May they find your mercy and they be helped. Amen

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clint Eastwood: His 10 Best Movies

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Prayer For 8/25/2013

Lord I am a sinner. I have sinned through my own fault. I am sorry for my sins and ask for thy just punishment. Lord there are times when we sin and we honestly don't mean to. Lord I put my life into your hands and I hope you can forgive me for my sins. Lord I pray for all who read this simple prayer. May they find the peace and love that has been granted unto to me. Lord I pray that all they are looking for will be granted unto them. Lord I pray that they will have a fruitful week and filled with love. Amen

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Prayer For 8/24/2013

Father there are many times that a person can feel let down by his family and friends. I know complaining about it will do no good. Lord help me just to forgive and forget and move on. I know Lord that I have not been the best person in the past and that sometimes I probably deserve all that comes my way. Lord all I can say is that I will try to be a better person. I want all my people around me to feel that they can love me and that it is reciprocated. Lord I can only ask that you come into my heart and help me. Amen

Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Best Back To School Movies.

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Prayer For 8/23/2013

Lord thank you for this beautiful morning. You have watched over me these past few years. You are always there for me when I need you. Lord there are those who are hurting this morning. Whether it is because of lack of food or shelter. They could be depressed about job or life . Lord there are people who need your help. I ask you this day to help all these people find what they need. I can only ask you to take care of these things but I know you will be there  for everybody. Amen

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie review: Love and Honor

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Movie Review: Don't Stop Believin' Everyman's Journey

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Prayer For 8/22/2013

Lord sometimes its just time to move on. You stay and do a job for so long and you know it's not working then it's time to move on. Lord I put this into your hands and beg you to walk the walk with me . Lord I pray for all people who are in the same boat. When you feel life is not giving you a fair shake, you just look to the future and put it in God's hands. Amen 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prayer For 8/21/2013

Lord thank you for a beautiful day. You granted me a good day to go back to work. I pray to you today for all the children. They did very well on the first day back and I thank you for that . Lord you are my guide, my strength and my light. Thank you for helping me to see. I put this and all that I do in your hands. I pray for all who don't believe in you. That they may also be shown the light. Amen  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prayer For 8/20/2013

Lord the Children go back to school today. That also means the teachers are back at work today also. Lord help us to have a good day. help us to have a great year and Lord help me to teach the children and that they can learn from me today and the rest of the year. Amen 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie Review: The Conjuring

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Prayer For 8/19/2013

Lord my father I put this week into your hands. The job with the children will be an extremely interesting one. The summer has been short and going back to the classroom is going to be difficult at first. Lord you know deep down I do love the kids but man it does take a few weeks to get into the swing of things. I can only ask that we all get along and that I hope they learn from me. I put this into your hands this and every day. Amen

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Prayer For 8/18/2013

Lord please watch over all of us. Help us in the week ahead. Allow us to be better individuals to our family and friends. Lord each day we do try harder but we just sometimes don't always seem to get it together. Please I beg you to come down here and help us. We are not getting it together in the Middle East. Each day there is more death and it seems to be they are more mad at each other than at the United States. It is a religious argument amongst themselves but it overflows into the lives of all their neighbors. Lord it has to stop. Please you must intervene  or they are going to kill each other. Amen

Prayer For 8/17/2013

Lord thank you for that you do. I know you don't always listen to what we ask and grant it the same day. I understand that there are so many prayers to be answered in one day. Lord though sometimes I ask for is not so far fetched. Lord there are people on this planet who are starving. There are people who have no place to live. Lord help these people out. Is this too much to ask for. Help the children who are brought into the scheme of things who are hungry. Help them Lord please. Lord this I pray to today help feed the hungry. Let's work on one thing at a time. Help feed the hungry. Amen 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Movie Review: Fruitvale Station

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Movie Review: Star Trek; The Motion Picture

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Halle Berry: Her Movies

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Prayer For 8/16/2013

Lord our children are going back to school next week and I pray that this last weekend of their summer be filled with happiness and joy. Lord help them to be filled with knowledge next year by the greatest teachers around. Lord I pray that all children be taught and filled  with everything they need to know to live good productive lives. Lord I pray simply for all children world wide be filled with love and help them all to grow up strong. Lord help all children to be loved by all their family and friends. Amen

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prayer For 8/15/2013

Lord there is too much violence going on in the world this day. In Egypt they are tearing each other apart. In Iraq there are car bomb attacks. In the United States there are people who are frustrated with what is going in our own country and we are killing ourselves. Lord there is just not enough communication going on and people are just acting stupid. On this day I hope all violence will stop and people will talk about their problems and will live in Peace. This I put in your hands Lord. Amen

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movie Review: 2 Guns

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Egypt is on Fire

Egypt's military is firing on and killing Muslim Brotherhood protesters. Guess democracy isn't going to work in Egypt anymore. Word is the military is assigning Generals to govern the provinces. So with all the military presence and all the breakdown in the Brotherhood what's next curfews and military patrols. Man this is worse than Mubarak. So long Democracy.

Jodie Foster: Her Movies

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Movie Review: Dances With Wolves

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Paul Newman: His Movies

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Prayer For 8/14/2013

Lord thank you for this day. You are our savior and watch over us. Lord I pray for all who are going without. I am not rich but I have all that I need . There are those who don't have a roof over their head or food in their belly. Lord there is too much that we don't do for our fellow man. Today let's work on this. Let's help all those who are hungry. I put this into your hands this and every day. Amen

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prayer For 8/13/2013

Lord I put this day into your hands. I ask you to come into the hearts of all men. Help us to see that we are one. Help us to realize that we all must live on this planet and that we should do so in peace. Lord I am a sinner. I sin not because I want but because I am human. Lord help me not to sin today. Help me to do all that you ask. help me to be kind and gentle to all. Lord help me to get a lot of work done. Let help me to be a good person. Amen

Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Review: Blade Runner

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Movie Review: Monsters University

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Prayer For 8/12/2013

Heavenly Father I ask you this day to pray  as the teachers go back to work today. Some of these are my friends and I will see them next week when I go back to the classroom. Lord I put this year into your hands and I ask you to watch over the children. Lord these youngsters are our future. Help us to teach them and to help them grow up. This I put in your hands. Amen

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Prayer For 8/11/2013

The Lord takes care of us. He helps us in each and every way. We must trust in all that he does for us. Even when we feel he is not listening to our prayers. He is a very busy person and at times we just have to wait for him. He doesn't put us off because he wants to. He puts us off at times because he thinks we don't need what we ask for at that time. The Lord works on his own time not ours. I am thankful for all that he does for me and I look forward to the week ahead. Lord I pray for all my friends and hope they have a beautiful week ahead. Amen   

Movie Review: Red 2

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Movie Review: Tin Cup

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Steve McQueen: A Few Of His Best

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Prayer For 8/10/2013

Lord help us all to come to terms with whatever ail us. Lord there are times we give into our problems when we should be fighting them. Lord it is at this time that I ask you to help us be strong. You are the one true God and we give you all of ourselves. I ask that you come into our hearts and our souls and help us to forgive all those around us who wish to do us harm. Lord I put my life into your hands and I ask you to help all those in need this and every day. Amen

Friday, August 9, 2013

Prayer For 8/09/2013

Lord give me the patience to over come all obstacles today. Lord I put my life into your hands each and every day. I pray that all that I do is good enough for you. I pray for all who read this and wish them a very beautiful weekend. amen

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Movie Review: Wizard Of Oz

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Prayer For 8/08/2013

Lord thank you for such a productive day yesterday. I was able to get so much done. Lord there are days that I know so much slips through my hands. Yesterday was a good day and I thank you. Lord I hope and pray that for all who read these prayers that they also had a great day. That they can be thankful for all that they accomplished yesterday. Heavenly Father I need another great day today. So I put it into your hands as I do everyday. Amen

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Movie Review: Rise Of The Guardians

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Obama Says No To Putin

Russian President Putin has given NSA Leaker Snowden asylum for one year and Obama is pissed off about it. The two were supposed to talk next month at the G-20 but Obama says that will not happen. Putin had every right to offer asylum to Snowden but if he wanted to he could have handed  him over to the U.S. The Russians and the United States relationship has been troubled over the past year. This means the Syrian conflict will not have any conversations, thus allowing this to continue. No communications about Egypt will allow that trouble to continue. These two countries having problems talking will prolong problems among many countries. Wow. Why can't we all just get along?

Movie Review: Ten Best Movies To Watch Stoned

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Cuba Goes Solar

Cuba has opened up its first solar farm towards renewable energy. It's only going to power some 780 homes in the Cantarrana area but it's a step in the right direction. Cuba tried to gather its energy from off shore oil rigs but that doesn't seem to be paying off.
There will eventually be seven farms such as the one in Cantarrana and it looks like this could be a good source of alternative energy for the Cuban Island.
Cuba receives half of its energy supply from Valenzuela and with the death of Hugo Chavez, they feels that it may be time to look at Solar energy as its back up to oil. Well, good luck with this venture and I hope it works out for you.

Iranian President Wants To Talk With The World

Iranian President Rouhani took the oath of office this past weekend and already wants to have talks with the outside world over releasing Iran from sanctions. He is wanting face to face meetings with Europe and eventually with the United States. Sanctions have been taking there toll on the economy with teachers not getting paid. As well as less income coming in from oil. China has been bartering with goods rather than paying in cash to Iran for its purchases of oil.
Khamenei, the supreme leader does not agree with this President and feels that these talks would not prove beneficial to Iran. Israel has said that a nuclear Iran in any way shape or form is unacceptable. More to come in the upcoming months as the man has only been in power for a couple of days.

Medical Marijuana Fires Up

The State of Florida and it's campaign for Medical Marijuana has begun to take shape in earnest. The pros and cons have begun to be spoken in and among legislators and amongst the voters. The pros have some medical experts stating that yes it would be for the greater good. Some who are against it speak to the fact that we will just have more addicts in other areas doing other drugs.
John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan Law firm has come out in favor of having Medical Marijuana beingit given to cancer patients and others who are fighting nausea in their diseases. Others are speaking for the right to grow their own pot rather than get it from the government. I don't think that will pass but I do believe that it will be ratified by the voter for Doctor prescribed use. We shall see in 2014.

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Prayer For 8/07/2013

Lord my God you have taken me under your wing. You are in my corner and I am so grateful. Lord I ask you today to help all those that are going without. Please God help these people who need your help. Give them their wishes and feed their soul. Lord, you are our savior and our guide. Lead us to the light to see where you are. Lord as school gets closer and the kids come back help them to enjoy the last days of summer. Lord I look forward to getting back to work and I hope and pray that you are with us this coming year. This I put in your hands. Amen

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Movie Review: The Outlaw Josey Wales

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Movie Review: The 10 Best War Movies Ever Made

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Movie Review: Ben Hur (1959)

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Prayer For 8/06/2013

The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. The Lord has been at my side for many decades. I once was a major sinner and then one day I made peace with our Lord. I couldn't beat him so I finally just gave up fighting. Since then he has been there for me and has given me what I need when I needed it. There are times that I would pray and I would want something but God will only give me what I wanted when he felt I needed it. The Lord does live for us and will be there for us but it is in his time when will get something. Don't be disheartened if you want something and it does not come right away have faith it will in time. Amen

Monday, August 5, 2013

Prayer For 8/05/2013

The Lord watches over us and takes care of us. It is up to us to have faith and believe in all his works. We are sinners and we sin sometimes without even thinking about it . Lord I do not want to sin today. Help me with all that we have to do to get the classroom ready for school. Lord help me to think about what needs to be done. Lord I pray for all the people who read this prayer. I pray they have a good week. I pray they know your true love . Amen.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Prayer 8/04/2013

The Lord has given us this day all that we need. He has seen to it that we have the shelter to live in. The food to eat and the friends and family we need to live. If you have none of these things then we must stop and pray that the Lord will bring you the things you need. Lord there are those who do not have the basics of life and they are in trouble. Lord I pray that you can intervene and work these problems out. Lord it is Sunday, your day. This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad. I put this and every day in your hands Lord. Help us all this day. Amen

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Congress Adjourns for Summer Recess

Nothing got done. No new bills. No old bills. Major dissent between Democrats and Republicans and Tea Partiers. American people once again got ripped off because we have to pay these jackasses to go to Washington and do nothing.
Well now they are back in their home states telling everyone how hard it is to get anything done up there in Washington. We the people don't want to hear it. We want action and I can tell you this Ladies and Gentlemen if you don't start getting some things done to correct this crap that you are handing us, we will use the ballot box and get you unelected. Shape up Congress or you will be voted out.

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Movie Review: Kate And Leopold

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Welcome to the Machine

Life is like a machine. When we were young we learn how to operate the bugger. We learn the procedures that make up the process of living. We learn how to maintain the machine, keep it oiled and cared for. We learn at a young age that we are required to this work for the rest of our lives. We learn right from wrong. We learn that if we operate our machines that we will have a retirement and be able to relax in our old age. Okay, here is the problem the machine is broke and no one knows how to fix it. We kill, rape, steal, and do just about everything we can to make the easy buck. We have lost our way and don't realize that if we don't properly teach our children how to operate their machines that in later years they will never leave the homestead. We have screwed ourselves and it is time to lay down our weapons and look each other in the eye and say we must get along for our children's sake . No more Muslim against Christian. No more Sunni versus Shiite. No more capitalism against communism. No more black versus white. We are all brothers and sisters  and we must learn to get along so we can fix the machine. If we don't we leave this world worse off than when we got it, our children will inherit a world far more broken than when we inherited it. Let's fix the machine today.

Prayer For 8/3/2013

Thank you Lord for the end of a beautiful week. I hope all who read this prayer had a great week. I wish them a good week to come . Enjoy the weekend and rest up for the week ahead. I put everything in God's hands and let him do all the worrying. If you can pray and believe that the Lord is there for you. I can say this to you; your life will be so much better.  I hope and pray that whatever is bothering you that if you put it in God's hands you will see the glory of his work. I was once a sinner of great magnitude and now the Lord takes care of all this. It has given me so much more time to work on other things rather than worry about what I've done against him and you. We are all here for a purpose and I hope everyone can see what their true reason for being here will be shown to you. I pray for all of you and wish you a very good Saturday. amen

Friday, August 2, 2013

Eygptian Military Wants Protesters To Go Home

Military sources are saying they have told the Muslim Brotherhood that they are getting tired of the protests and will start to get tougher with the crowds. Just like today where they brought out the tear gas. The Muslim Brotherhood just can't seem to understand this is a done deal. They are out of power and all they can cause is bloodshed to innocent people. Look I'm not saying that Morsi is totally at fault here. Egypt was having troubles with the economy and all Morsi wanted to do is bring  the Brotherhood more into the equation. The people rose up and deposed the man. Is this Democracy at it's best, not even close. The United States has been at this Democracy thing for over two hundred years and believe me we still haven't got it completely  right, but we try. You can't just elect a guy and then a year later say that's all your gone. Just like you can't consolidate power and leave out the majority. It just won't work. So get your act together Egypt,  have some patience, and work together. You'll get it right,  have faith. Peace.  

Movie review: Up In Smoke (1979)

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Prayer For 8/02/2013

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He cares for us in all ways. Heavenly Father help all those who are without food, shelter, and everything that we take for granted. Lord I am a simple man of simple means but I pray each and every day for those who have less than what I have. Lord I pray all who read this simple prayer have a glorious weekend. I pray that no harm comes to them. I pray no harm comes to any and all my family and friends. amen

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Movie Review: Mr. Popper's Penguins

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Prayer For 8/01/2013

Lord thank you for this day. Thank you for all the help you have given me. Lord you take care of us and give us a reason to live. You have seen to it that we are given what we need to get by in this world. Lord I pray for  all who  I come in contact with today. You have the power to correct all wrongs and set them straight. Lord this is why I put my life into your hands this and every day Amen