Wednesday, September 14, 2016

'Suspects, Series 3 & 4' DVD Review

This show is not your ordinary crime drama. What makes this show so special is the way it's put together. The actors use a unique approach in that they have an improvised dialogue. That's right they are not necessarily using a script, and it makes for one interesting TV crime drama.

DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley), DS Jack Weston (Damien Molony), and DC Charlie Steele (Claire-Hope Ashitey) pull it altogether for each episode and you would never know that they are not using a script. This show looks at how these three detectives approach a case and the mystery behind it when they are trying to solve the crime. It also looks at how the detectives get along with each other. It brings a personal touch to the every day workings of solving a crime.

One of the episodes of series 3 and 4 is an arson case that has a teenager fighting for his life. The squad also has to figure out a case involving a possible serial killer. One of the better episodes is about a gay teacher  who knows of the principal and a student having an affair. The problem comes when the gay teacher comes up dead. Another good one is when a girl comes up missing and her father is considered the main suspect. It seems he was seen fighting with his daughters trans sexual boyfriend. Yes, you could say this modern day crime drama is one in a million.

Acorn brings this fantastic show to DVD on September 13th, 2016, just in time for the weekend, and you are going to want to pick it up and enjoy the pleasure of watching something fresh and innovating. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are right on. This is definitely going to be one show you will want to add to that personal library. This is quality work and you will want to watch it time and time again. Enjoy.