Tuesday, September 6, 2016

'Tab Hunter Confidential' DVD Review

 In the 1950's, the American Film Industry had many leading men that you could call a Hollywood heartthrob. One of the greatest heartthrob's was no one better than Tab Hunter. The man starred in dozens of films and literally reigned as the king. His great looks and that golden-boy image made the fans simply go nuts. The women would scream and shout just at the sight of him. He wouldn't have to speak a word and women would faint away. He would become the model for future matinee idols.

He would pay his dues and would eventually be taken seriously as a major movie star. He had substance and could act as well as look the part. He also had a secret that if made known would had destroyed all that he had worked hard to achieve. You see Tab Hunter was gay.

Tab would stay in the closet, so to speak, for most of his career. When the truth finally became known times had changed and he was also a little older and had lost some of his appeal as a heartthrob. This documentary looks at the career and life of a great man. His presence on the big screen never wavered and with interviews with such people as John Waters, Clint Eastwood, George Takei, Robert Wagner, Noah Wyle, Connie Stevens, and Debbie Reynolds to speak the truth about him, it makes his life story an inspiration.

What's great about this documentary is that you hear from the man himself. Tab will speak of the days when he thought he would implode and literally the truth would destroy him. Being gay in the 1950's was not easy for any individual. Being gay in the 1950's and also being a major movie star is almost unthinkable.

FilmRise has brought this wonderful story to DVD and will release it on August 23rd, 2016. The quality of DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. For any film buff this will be a must have for that personal library. A Hollywood legend speaks openly about what it was like to be a major film star and gay.  This is definitely a must see.