Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital' DVD Review

Doc McStuffins (Laya DeLeon Hayes) wants to take her practice to new headquarters. She feels that the backyard is simply just not big enough anymore and wants to move the practice to the magical new town of McStuffinsville. The Doc feels this would be a good move to carry on the family tradition and she would be the head doctor of the McStuffins toy hospital. Wait a minute did I just say toy hospital?  Yup, that's right the Doc is able to fix toys. Grandma McStuffins (Dawnn Lewis) let the Doc know that she had the ability to bring toys back to life.

Grandma takes the gang magically to the new town and the gang sets up shop. Lambie (Lara Jill Miller) is in charge of the toy nursery. Stuffy (Robbie Rist) is doing vet duty. Chilly (Jess Harnell) is the office receptionist. Hallie (Loretta Devine) has the job of head nurse. The fun begins and it's a laugh a minute and entertainment galore.

Wait you also get more on the DVD when Mom and Dad McStuffins announce they are going to adopt a new baby. This brings many feelings into the picture and young children may actually learn something especially when their own parents may bring a new baby into the house. Life at a young age can be so difficult with changes and the four extra stories may be a help.

Walt Disney Studios brings this lovable group of characters to us on DVD on October 18th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are out of this world. This will make a fine addition to your personal library and your children will love you for it. You have two hours of excellent entertainment and the whole family will enjoy it. So sit back and watch the Doc do her magic in the new practice and enjoy the laughter and song that goes along with it. Enjoy