Wednesday, October 12, 2016

'She Who Must Burn' DVD Review

 Angela (Sarah Smyth) is a nurse in a small town who opens up a clinic to help women in need. She is the last hope for most of the women of this small mining town. The main doctor was shot by an anti-abortionist and died. Angela sees an increase in the number of people suffering from cancer and many of the pregnancies are still births. As time goes on the local preacher begins to blame Angela for the deaths that are plaguing the community. He stirs up his followers to the point that they want her death and that this will be the only way to free the town of the evil that has come to it.

Angela lives with her sheriff boyfriend Mac (Andrew Moxham) and the preacher even goes after Angela because the two aren't married and living in sin. The town becomes so passionate about cleansing itself of those who sin against the Lord that they honestly don't realize what is really happening. All Angela has to do is cease her actions in trying to help the town but she can't seem to step aside. She knows that it is not her fault for the deaths but proving it could be hard to do.

Larry Kent brings this story of a traditional witch hunt to life along with fellow writer Shane Twerdun. Midnight Releasing  brings this wonderful story to DVD on October 11th, 2016. The DVD is of excellent quality and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This will make a wonderful addition to your personal library.

Angela has taken it upon herself to do what she was trained to do. All she wants to do is help the people of her town. Religious fervor that is stirred up by ignorance makes this one that you will not be able to turn away from. You want to see the ending of this one. Enjoy.