Monday, October 24, 2016

'Tales Of Poe' DVD Review

Edgar Allan Poe left us with some timeless works and this anthology featuring 'The Tell Tale Heart', 'The Cask of Amontillado', and 'Dreams' brings to life the pure elegance and horror of his stories. Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly co-directed this wonderful journey into the madness and the macabre that makes Poe the master of classical horror.

Some of best of the legendary scream queens lend their talent to this production. Adrienne King, Caroline Williams, Amy Steel, Debbie Rochon, and Lesleh Donaldson excite us with their raw talent and their own quality for the horror genre.

'The Tell Tale Heart' is our first story and brings together just how far guilt and a beating heart can lead to unbelievable trouble. From the very get go our story goes for the jugular and never lets up the intensity all the way through the piece.

Our next story is 'The Cask of Amontillado', and it allows us to see first hand two of our worst of human frailties, greed and lust. The locations and the signs of wealth allow us the viewer to see what is at stake. Unlike our protagonist of the story we are able to leave and the horror comes together like a fine bloody wine.

Our final story 'Dreams' comes together through a variety of psychedelic lights and shades. 'Dreams' brings to us the bleakness of Poe's version of the world. The hope for a better place but the acceptance of just what life is all about.

Wild Eye Releasing brings to us a DVD that is simply worth the time to pick it up. Poe's wonderful stories come to life and can be seen for your viewing pleasure on October 11th, 2016. This is simply a must have for your personal library. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are right on. This is an enjoyable adventure into one of man's greatest minds. So sit back some fall evening and enjoy horror at its classical best.