Monday, October 3, 2016

'The Disappearance' DVD Review

Look, right off the bat, let's say this is one very well done French drama. Lea Morel (Camille Razat) is out celebrating her 17th birthday with some friends. During the evening they are seen attending Lyon's Festival of Music. There is a phone call to her parents, mother Florence (Alix Poisson) and father Julien (Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval) around 3am. That is the last anyone hears from her.

When Lea doesn't make it home her parents call the police and have them involved in searching for the young girl. Commander Bertrand Molina (Francois-Xavier Demaison) and his Lieutenant Camille Guerin (Alice Pol) look everywhere for the 17 yr old girl.

Florence Morel is devastated about her daughters disappearance. She must stay calm for her other two children Zoe and Thomas as to not upset them. She does her best but Florence eventually breaks down. Lea's father Julien can't just sit around and wait for the police to find his daughter. He begins in the streets of Lyon and contacts her friends. Along the way he unravels some secrets about his daughter. Lea and her friends have kept their lives hidden with some interesting secrets. The story begins somewhat slow but as the story unravels you can't wait for the next twist or turn to come to life.

Acorn brings this drama to DVD on September 27th, 2016.  The sights and sounds are terrific and wonderful. This is one of those stories that each time you start to watch it again and again your going to realize that you missed it from the time before. This is a perfect DVD for that personal library of yours. So pick this up today and watch the agonizing time a family must endure before they get their daughter back safe and sound. Or do they?