Wednesday, November 2, 2016

'Arlo The Burping Pig' DVD Review

When David (Joey Lawrence) and Llana (Jennifer Taylor) move the family it really upsets daughter Talia's (Lindsey Blanchard) life. She's not happy with her new surroundings. She is being picked on at school. Talia really didn't want to move. Then one day her life takes on a whole new meaning. While outside in the yard, Talia, runs into a little pig. At first it doesn't go well but then out of the blue the little piglet speaks to her. She is startled but she knows she has to help the little guy. Talia brings the pig into the house without anyone seeing. As the two where in her bedroom she decides to give the little guy a name. She decides on Arlo (Drake Bell) and the pig doesn't seem to mind. From this point the movie really does take off. Arlo is a laugh a minute. Secretly he is able to hang out in the house and only Talia knows about it. The secret eventually does come out and everybody is freaked.

You see Arlo did kind of make himself at home. He drinks out of glasses, and that just sets Talia's sister into a screaming fit. Now, did I forget to mention that one bad trait that Arlo has and that is he always belches after he eats. Yes, that's right he burps. What's worse is everyone thinks it's Talia being rude.

'Arlo The Burping Pig' is a great film and it comes out on DVD at the perfect time. Lionsgate brings this family adventure to us on DVD on November 15th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are perfect. Yes, you hear every wonderful burp. Arlo and his good friend Talia have each others back and that makes this a wonderfully entertaining movie for the whole family. The best thing of all is that it's coming to us during the holiday season and will make a great gift. This will also be a perfect addition to that personal library. Look the bottom line is that this is a great family film with some good points that the kids could learn. So don't waste any time and get that DVD as soon as it comes out and be ready to get those hugs from your kids for picking it up. They'll love you for it.