Tuesday, November 1, 2016

'Judge Archer' DVD Review

The warlord system of the 1920's China was a very interesting and complicated time. This system had been in effect for some time but would soon fade away into history in a short time later. Shuangxi (Song Yang) was a young boy who becomes traumatized after the rape of his older sister. For awhile, Shuangxi has gone mad and is put into a monastery to be cared for. He will meet a monk who helps him to overcome his thoughts of the horrific rape of his sister. The monk tells the young boy that he should take the name of the next person he comes into contact with when he enters back into the world.

Shuangxi comes upon an old man with the name of Archer Liu Banyuan 'Judge Archer'. The old man takes the boy under his wing so to speak. For you see the old man is an expert in the Martial Arts. As time goes on Shuangxi becomes a master himself in the art of the knife, Spear and Arrow. When the old man passes away Shuangxi takes the name of Judge Archer.

Judge has become a formidable person to deal with in his own right. One day a rather mysterious woman contacts Judge and asks him to solve and avenge the murder of her father. Judge takes on the challenge and sets up shop selling vegetables in a small village. He feels with this cover he can observe the person believed to be the murderer of the  Erdong's (Yenny Martin) father.
Problems arise when Judge becomes distracted by the charms of a woman and he even begins to question Erdong's motives.

The storyline is quite interesting and the martial art fight scenes are quite well done. You must follow closely to the actor interaction but it is still a very enjoyable movie. Lionsgate brings this movie to DVD on November 1th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This is a must see and will make a perfect addition to that personal library of yours. It will also make a wonderful gift for that martial arts aficionado this holiday season. Enjoy.