Tuesday, November 1, 2016

'Carnage Park' Blu-ray Review

A bank robbery taking place in a small California town in 1978 goes horribly wrong and the pair of robbers have to take a hostage. Scorpion Joe (James Landry Hebert) and Lenny (Michael Villar) are our two bank robbers who bungle the job and are forced to take Vivian (Ashley Bell) hostage. For the time being the pair get away but as they begin running for the border they become snared in a trap set by Wyatt Moss (Pat Healy). Moss is a Vietnam veteran who never really made it back from the war. Moss has a good tract of land in the dessert and has set many traps all over the place. The problem is he's not  hunting animals, he's hunting man. That's right this guy is seriously nuts.

When the robbers become stranded in the dessert it's Vivian who really takes up the cause of survival. Our hapless robbers are no match for Moss but it's Vivian who takes up the fight against Moss. Local Sheriff Moss (Alan Ruck) who was after the bank robbers now has to go up against Wyatt Moss but with little effect. Vivian up to this point has been a little on the side of shy and quiet but when she has to go up against the former sniper it becomes a battle for survival. At first our story was somewhat lame but as the movie progresses you literally are on the edge of your seat.

Scream Factory brings this thriller to Blu-ray on November 1st, 2016. The quality of the Blu-Ray is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This homage to good old fashion grindhouse cinema is absolutely perfect. Those of you with a personal library will want to add this wonderful thriller. It will keep you watching and when all is said and done you will be glad you took the time to watch. Enjoy.