Friday, December 9, 2016

'Decommissioned' DVD Review

John Niles (Johnny Messner) is a retired CIA agent. His life is a little less hectic as he and his wife Rebecca (Estella Warren) have settled into a nice suburbia existence. One day his past comes back to haunt him as he is kidnapped and beaten and his family is held captive. The kidnappers have given Niles an ultimatum to assassinate the President of the United States or lose his family. Now, you really must ask yourself is he going to come through and kill the President or walk away and leave his family to die.

Well he attempts to act like he is going to go through with it but instead he contacts his former mentor Michael Price (Vinnie Jones) to help in unravelling the CIA's role in all of this. Niles only wants his family back and he will do anything to get them back. The twist and turns of this movie are numerous. The one thing you can say about this movie is that the action helps keep you involved and interested.

Lionsgate brings this action/thriller to DVD on December 6th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. The action is good and the story line is believable. This will make a wonderful addition to that personal library. You may want to pick up a copy and give it for a Christmas gift for a good friend.

Take the time and pick up a copy so that one snowy day you can sit back and watch an entertaining action film. See just how far John Niles will go to bring back his family unharmed. See how he will handle the President of the United States and not assassinate him. Finally you may want to watch to see what happens when Niles gets his feet wet again with the action of being an agent and will he want to go back to a normal life. Enjoy.