Friday, December 9, 2016

'Never Open The Door' DVD Review

It's Thanksgiving and three couples have found a cozy retreat in a secluded cabin slap dab in the woods. Luke (Mike Wood) and his pregnant wife Maria (Deborah Venegas), Isaac (Matt Aidan) and his girlfriend Angel (Kristina Page) and Terrance (George Troester) and his friend Tess (Jessica Sonneborn) have arrived for a wonderful holiday. As the couples settle in a stranger (Steven Richards) knocks on the door. They make the mistake of letting him in and he begins to throw up blood and falls to the floor. His last words, "Never open the door", at first go unnoticed but as time goes on they begin to sound a meaning.

Some of the strangers blood gets on Tess and a little while later she disappears. Now, what's interesting is that a phone call from Tess telling everyone that she is running late and will soon be there. So then who was the Tess that was among them a little while ago. From here on panic takes over and the friends become unraveled. The real Tess eventually shows up, but what do the friends do? They tie her up. When they search the cabin and surrounding area they begin to fight among themselves and mistrust comes over the group. What makes matters worse is that they spot some strange  men dressed in black hanging around outside the cabin. They all want to escape but who is going to open the door that is the question.

This movie has all the characteristics of the modern day horror/thriller. The film is made in black and white and everything falls right into place. Maltauro Entertainment brings this film to DVD on December 6th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. For those of you who enjoy horror films this is a must. It will make a wonderful addition to that personal library and if you know someone who would enjoy this wonderful film then what a Christmas gift it would make. Enjoy.