Monday, December 5, 2016

'The Secret Agent' DVD Review

The year is 1886 and Europe is being taken over by Anarchist Terrorists. Russia is very worried about the situation and they are very upset with the English indifference. Spies are sent from Russia to England to convince them to take the threat seriously. The Russian's feel that by blowing up the Greenwich Observatory and passing the blame unto the terrorists that the English will change their ways.

In comes Verloc (Toby Jones) our Russian spy and he has been assigned the mission. He sets himself up in a very seedy sex shop in Soho. His wife Winnie (Vicky McClure) doesn't have a clue about any of this. Verloc is able to spy on local anarchists and no one is the wiser. Verloc simply comes off as some kind of sleaze and gets away with his cloak and dagger lifestyle. If any of this was to be found out Verloc would take a hard fall.

Verloc is using a Professor (Ian Hart) to get all the explosives he needs for the job. A small problem arises when his activities are becoming known to Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) of Scotland Yard. Now, Verloc finds himself caught between the police and the Russians so he begins to groom his wife's younger brother Stevie (Charlie Hamblett). Stevie is becoming an accomplice but really doesn't have a clue about the mission. There is just one major problem about all this and that is yes Verloc is possibly caught between a rock and a hard place with the police and the Russians. What he really doesn't realize is that if Vinniie was ever to find out what is going on all hell would break loose.

Acorn brings this exciting DVD to us on December 6th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is fantastic and the sights and sounds are excellent. This will make a perfect Christmas gift or if you simply want to add it to you personal library. This is great tale of espionage, terror and betrayal. Enjoy.