Wednesday, October 26, 2016

'Janet King, Series 2: The Invisible Wound' DVD Review

Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) a former prosecutor is about to take on a new assignment. She still is hurting from the unsolved murder of her partner Ash. A rash of murders that have taken place over the last 15 months are all connected due to the fact that all the guns used were illegal. The attorney general has asked Janet to lead a royal commission into what is becoming a serious problem. Janet brings on her old team from the public prosecutors office, Owen (Damian Walshe Howling), Richard (Hamish Michael), Lina (Andrea Demetriades), and Andy (Christopher Morris) to help with the new commission.

The team begin to make some headway on how the illegal guns are getting into the country. What kind of surprises Janet is when the commission finds some evidence that is linked to Ash's murder. This really hits home as this event tore her family apart and they really just haven't gotten over his murder. What becomes a problem is that since this commission has become very high profile it leads to everyone wanting to get their hands involved, politician and criminal alike. It's a hard thing to investigate when your somewhat emotionally involved. Janet has really been having a hard time with Ash's death and since she is just coming off of a maternity leave you would think that this new assignment may just be more than she can handle. Janet does very well by getting her old team by her side.

Acorn brings this exciting drama to us on DVD on October 25th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. This drama is very nicely done and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you are watching it. So pick this DVD up and enjoy the action and entertainment. It will be a wonderful addition to your personal library. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'Agatha Raisin Series One' DVD Review

Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen) has been working as a London Public Relations Executive and has grown tired of the hustle and bustle of life in the fast lane. She has always wanted to live a quiet life in a small village but never thought she would actually do it. So one day she ups and moves and life at first is good. The village is having a quiche bake off, so wanting to fit in she decides to enter. Unfortunately she is not the best quiche maker so she stops at the local bakery, picks one up, and enters it. The judges come around to taste all the entries and one judge tastes her quiche and ends up dead.

Agatha is blamed for the death but knows that she didn't do it. She is torn at first at having to admit that she didn't bake the quiche because that would make her a cheater. When you compare being a cheater to a murderer she goes for cheater. Agatha decides that she has to clear her name and calls some of the people that she used to work with in London.

Agatha gets her assistant Roy (Mathew Horne), and her former house cleaner Gemma (Katy Wix) to come to help her. Agatha also gets Detective Constable Bill Wong (Matt McCooey) to give a hand in solving the murder. What's really funny about all this is that Agatha realizes she actually enjoys trying to be a crime solver and that she might have a talent for it.

Acorn brings this comedy/mystery to DVD on October 25th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. This is definitely one for your personal library. So don't waste any time and pick one up and find out who used a delicious quiche to commit the crime of murder. Enjoy.

'The Id' Blu-Ray Review

The bond between a parent and a child is one of the most beautiful that we know. Meredith Lane (Amanda Wyss) loves her father, she literally takes care of him both day and night. The problem is she has been doing this all her life. Meredith is no longer a young girl and has for decades been there for her loving father. Oops, did I say loving father? I meant to say her abusive, uncaring, controlling beast of a father. That's right Meredith's father played by Patrick Peduto controls everything she does. It's been of late that Meredith is finally wanting to spread her wings and fly away from this nut job. Unfortunately she simply doesn't know how to do it.

A person from Meredith's past stops by one day and it's from this moment on that Meredith wants to get away. She knows that she has to finally stand up against his cruel ways but how after all her life can she figure out a way to do it. What doesn't help is that the neighbors begin to take notice of what is taking place inside the house and this just makes things worse.

Meredith begins to slip away into a land of fantasy and reality and doesn't really have a clue as to what to do. She hopelessly falls into paranoia and truthfully she is simply going mad. Her father has controlled her all her life and without this she doesn't know how to handle it.

Hutson Ranch Media and Panic Ventures bring this thriller to us on Blu-Ray on October 25th, 2016. The Blu-Ray  quality is magnificent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This is going to be one of those Blu-Ray's that you will want to add to your personal library. The horror of trying to live your life but when you never really had one to begin with makes the struggle even worse. So take the time and watch how Meredith overcomes her father and his tyrannical ways. Enjoy.  

'Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital' DVD Review

Doc McStuffins (Laya DeLeon Hayes) wants to take her practice to new headquarters. She feels that the backyard is simply just not big enough anymore and wants to move the practice to the magical new town of McStuffinsville. The Doc feels this would be a good move to carry on the family tradition and she would be the head doctor of the McStuffins toy hospital. Wait a minute did I just say toy hospital?  Yup, that's right the Doc is able to fix toys. Grandma McStuffins (Dawnn Lewis) let the Doc know that she had the ability to bring toys back to life.

Grandma takes the gang magically to the new town and the gang sets up shop. Lambie (Lara Jill Miller) is in charge of the toy nursery. Stuffy (Robbie Rist) is doing vet duty. Chilly (Jess Harnell) is the office receptionist. Hallie (Loretta Devine) has the job of head nurse. The fun begins and it's a laugh a minute and entertainment galore.

Wait you also get more on the DVD when Mom and Dad McStuffins announce they are going to adopt a new baby. This brings many feelings into the picture and young children may actually learn something especially when their own parents may bring a new baby into the house. Life at a young age can be so difficult with changes and the four extra stories may be a help.

Walt Disney Studios brings this lovable group of characters to us on DVD on October 18th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are out of this world. This will make a fine addition to your personal library and your children will love you for it. You have two hours of excellent entertainment and the whole family will enjoy it. So sit back and watch the Doc do her magic in the new practice and enjoy the laughter and song that goes along with it. Enjoy

Monday, October 24, 2016

'Tales Of Poe' DVD Review

Edgar Allan Poe left us with some timeless works and this anthology featuring 'The Tell Tale Heart', 'The Cask of Amontillado', and 'Dreams' brings to life the pure elegance and horror of his stories. Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly co-directed this wonderful journey into the madness and the macabre that makes Poe the master of classical horror.

Some of best of the legendary scream queens lend their talent to this production. Adrienne King, Caroline Williams, Amy Steel, Debbie Rochon, and Lesleh Donaldson excite us with their raw talent and their own quality for the horror genre.

'The Tell Tale Heart' is our first story and brings together just how far guilt and a beating heart can lead to unbelievable trouble. From the very get go our story goes for the jugular and never lets up the intensity all the way through the piece.

Our next story is 'The Cask of Amontillado', and it allows us to see first hand two of our worst of human frailties, greed and lust. The locations and the signs of wealth allow us the viewer to see what is at stake. Unlike our protagonist of the story we are able to leave and the horror comes together like a fine bloody wine.

Our final story 'Dreams' comes together through a variety of psychedelic lights and shades. 'Dreams' brings to us the bleakness of Poe's version of the world. The hope for a better place but the acceptance of just what life is all about.

Wild Eye Releasing brings to us a DVD that is simply worth the time to pick it up. Poe's wonderful stories come to life and can be seen for your viewing pleasure on October 11th, 2016. This is simply a must have for your personal library. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are right on. This is an enjoyable adventure into one of man's greatest minds. So sit back some fall evening and enjoy horror at its classical best.

Monday, October 17, 2016

'Skiptrace' DVD Review

Benny Chan (Jackie Chan) is a Hong Kong detective who has a heavy heart. He wasn't able to prevent his partners murder. Bai Yung (Eric Tsang Chiwai) was blown up and Chan believes that a drug lord that goes by the name The Matador is the guilty party. Chan is troubled that he wasn't there for his partner and he desperately wants to avenge his death. Chan gets word that an American gambler called Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) has some information about his partners murder.

Watts is staying at the Macau Casino which is also where Yung's daughter Samantha (Bingbing Fan) works. Chan has raised Samantha since his partners death and still feels like he has to protect her. The casino's owner Victor Wong (Winston Chao Wen Hsuan) is a shady character at best.
Chan and Watts finally get together and he has info that makes Wong the dreaded triad drug dealer The Matador. It's about this time that the two learn they are targeted by Wong to be killed. What makes this a little more interesting is the two men have to depend on each other even when they don't like each other.

Yes, this is a crime drama but with a remarkable twist. It's a slapstick comedy and it's hilarious. Jackie Chan is a little older and the physical slapstick is a little more tame than in some of his earlier movies but he's still right on. Jackie and Johnny work very well together and you will definitely enjoy this movie.

Lionsgate brings this hilarious movie to us on DVD on October 25th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are fantastic. This will be a great addition to that personal library.
Jackie Chan still is great to watch and with Johnny Knoxville as his sidekick this makes for one great movie. So enjoy the slapstick comedy as they run for their lives as they try to solve Chan's partners murder. Enjoy.

'What We Become' DVD Review

 This Danish thriller features the Johansson family and the horrors that would overtake their idyllic life. Our story takes place in a small suburban town in Denmark. Pernille (Mille Dinesen) plays the mother to son Gustav (Benjamin Engell) and daughter Maj (Ella Solgaard) and the wife to Dino (Troels Lyby). The family has just moved in and were looking for a nice quiet summer but it just wasn't meant to be. A flu began to overtake the country and within a very short period of time it turns into a plaque.

The government sends soldiers to keep the citizens inside their homes but Dino begins to hear gunfire, and the family gets very nervous. A short time later members of the community begin to turn into zombie like creatures so truthfully the family is fighting against everybody. It turns out that yes, the government had been killing some of the citizens infected with the bug but in the end it's too little too late. Gustav is the one that Pernille worries about the most as he is a little rebellious. Okay, he's very rebellious. His actions could very easily put the whole family at risk.

The blood and gore are adequate but could have been a little more ghoulish. The movie is very nicely done. Your interest is there and you will want to see the outcome of the Johansson family and whether or not they make it.

IFC Midnight and Scream Factory bring this wonderful import to us on DVD on October 18th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. Those of you who enjoy a good horror/thriller will love this movie. You will want to add it to that personal library.

It's kind of funny, but with all that is taking place in Europe with the number of refugee's moving in that something as simple as a plague could easily devastate the entire region. You simply might want to pick this one up and maybe just maybe learn something. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

'She Who Must Burn' DVD Review

 Angela (Sarah Smyth) is a nurse in a small town who opens up a clinic to help women in need. She is the last hope for most of the women of this small mining town. The main doctor was shot by an anti-abortionist and died. Angela sees an increase in the number of people suffering from cancer and many of the pregnancies are still births. As time goes on the local preacher begins to blame Angela for the deaths that are plaguing the community. He stirs up his followers to the point that they want her death and that this will be the only way to free the town of the evil that has come to it.

Angela lives with her sheriff boyfriend Mac (Andrew Moxham) and the preacher even goes after Angela because the two aren't married and living in sin. The town becomes so passionate about cleansing itself of those who sin against the Lord that they honestly don't realize what is really happening. All Angela has to do is cease her actions in trying to help the town but she can't seem to step aside. She knows that it is not her fault for the deaths but proving it could be hard to do.

Larry Kent brings this story of a traditional witch hunt to life along with fellow writer Shane Twerdun. Midnight Releasing  brings this wonderful story to DVD on October 11th, 2016. The DVD is of excellent quality and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This will make a wonderful addition to your personal library.

Angela has taken it upon herself to do what she was trained to do. All she wants to do is help the people of her town. Religious fervor that is stirred up by ignorance makes this one that you will not be able to turn away from. You want to see the ending of this one. Enjoy.

'Being Canadian' DVD Review

For many years Canadian entertainers have been coming to Hollywood to practice their trade. Many Americans don't really know that some of their favorite entertainers are actually from Canada.

Writer/producer Rob Cohen hails from the great white north and has worked on TV shows  like "The Simpsons", "American Dad", and "The Bing Bang Theory". It was when he moved to L.A. that he finally understood that his new friends and colleagues knew nothing about his homeland but the stereotypes. Cohen finally came to the conclusion that it was time to show what it was to 'Being Canadian'. He traveled from coast to coast of his homeland to show that Canadians were much more than snow bound people who liked maple syrup.

Cohen decided that to do this he needed to talk to some of Canada's famous people. People such as Howie Mandel, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, William Shatner, Mike Myers, Michael J. Fox, and Jason Priestly. He thought of speaking to those in the music industry like Alanis Morissette and Rush. Cohen wanted to speak to the great Alex Trebek, the host of the game show Jeopardy. He wanted to ask questions such as "What does it mean to be Canadian?"  Cohen wanted to know from these stars "What is our national identity?" The answers were something that he didn't expect, but you'll have to watch to learn what famous Canadians think of themselves. 

This documentary turned out so well it has been nominated for Best Documentary Film by the Writers Guild of America. It is well deserved of the honor. 

Candy Factory Films brings this wonderful journey in search of what it means to truly
Being Canadian' to us on DVD on October 4th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is fantastic. The sights and sounds are excellent. This makes a wonderful addition to that personal library. You will be entertained as well as informed about the famous of the great white north. There is much more to Canada than hockey pucks and hunting moose. So pick this one up and laugh and learn about our neighbors to the north. Enjoy. 

'Thanks For The Memories: The Bob Hope Specials' DVD Review

Bob Hope has to be one the best entertainers of the 20th century. Bob started his career on Broadway and would move on to radio. He would have a great run with his movie career but something that is possibly most dear to everyone's heart is possibly his television specials.

The TV specials would start in 1950 and for the next 50 years the American public would enjoy bringing in the holidays with his comedy-variety shows. Many of us loved his USO shows and the stars he would bring along for the entertainment of our troops. Bob knew what the American public needed most was laughter. You knew that when the show was over you knew you would be in a great mood.

Time Life has compiled 13 of the greatest shows Bob Hope brought to us and has put them on a 6 DVD set that will be a fantastic gift for that special someone this Christmas. The first show aired in 1956 and the last one aired in 1996. Along with Bob and his monologues will be performers like Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Janet Leigh, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Don Rickles, George Burns and Elizabeth Taylor.

Bob's Christmas specials were always a favorite for my family and I can say my father, who was military, loved his USO shows. Pop was able to see a show when he was stationed in Germany and would always tell the story of just how wonderful it was to see a little bit of home. Even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Time Life brings this great DVD set to us on September 20th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. The Bob Hope Specials would not only be a fantastic addition to that personal library but would be a fantastic gift for that certain someone for the holidays. I must say on a personal note the Christmas specials were my favorite and it just hasn't been like Christmas since the passing away of Mr. Hope. Please don't pass this one up, you will certainly be entertained. Enjoy.

Monday, October 3, 2016

'Winter: The Complete Series' DVD Review

 Detective Sargent Eve Winter (Rebecca Gibney) is tired. She's worn out from the day to day grind of solving murders. The brutality of it all has just become too much for her. So, she moves to a small town in Australia called Mingara. At first the quiet life suits her fine. She has easily resigned herself to a much more simple life. Unfortunately, that doesn't last too long. A girl comes up missing and federal policeman Jake Harris (Matt Nable) asks Winter to join the case.

What's weird is that he's not too forthcoming with information as there is something bigger than just a missing girl. It seems the corpses of five dead women have been found and it seems the missing young girl may be one of the killers next victims. The investigation takes a turn when one of Eve's ex-boyfriends Lachlan McKenzie (Peter O'Brien) is involved in a similar case that may overlap this one. McKenzie convinces Eve to join cases and look for who is killing the women. Eve in the beginning could have very easily walked away from the investigation but when McKenzie comes into the picture her attitude changes, but she really wants to go back to that quiet life.

Acorn brings this mystery crime drama to DVD on October 4th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are spectacular. This is entertainment at its best and it will make a wonderful addition to that personal library. Something else you might want to consider is this will make a great Christmas gift for that crime drama aficionado in your family. Either way you can't lose and you know nothing says you can't pick up more than one copy..

Eve Winter has done her job many times over. She simply wanted to get away from the brutality of murder and murder investigations. She travels far but her true self be true. She is a detective and a good one. She stills has the calling to find out the answers and bring the murderer or murderers to justice.

'Murdoch Mysteries: A Merry Murdoch Christmas' DVD Review

 Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is a charismatic methodical investigator working the streets of the city of Toronto. He loves to use the new innovative forensic methods in solving some of the cities worst crimes. Murdoch and his team come up against a gruesome Christmas murder.

Murdoch and his friend and colleague Dr. Ogden (Helene Joy) are attending a charity gala for the sick children of Toronto. The two of them run into the host Alister McGowan of the event dressed as Santa Claus. One major problem is that they find him dead with his neck broken. They also realize that all the gifts for the children have been stolen.

 What makes this a bizarre case is that witnesses thought they heard a wild animal at the time of the murder. Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) comes up with the possibility that the killer may be the legendary creature called Krampus. In other words the team hasn't any idea as to who committed the murder. Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) is pretty much no help as he is more worried about the fact that he may be spending the holiday by himself. The team have to pull it together and not only find the murderer but also locate the stolen presents.

McGowan, a philanthropist at best was not the man he proclaimed to be. He had his enemies one being his former business partner. His family life had its ups and downs especially with his wife. Murdoch begins his search for the killer close to home so to speak. The gifts are found to be in possession of one St. Nick (Edward Asner). He's been handing them out to the needy and is arrested but nobody really believes he committed the murder.

Acorn brings this wonderful holiday mystery to DVD on October 4th, 2015. The DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This will make a wonderful addition to that personal library or could be an excellent gift come this Christmas, your choice. Then again you could simply pick up two one for you and one for a dear friend. Either way enjoy this wonderful mystery.

'The Disappearance' DVD Review

Look, right off the bat, let's say this is one very well done French drama. Lea Morel (Camille Razat) is out celebrating her 17th birthday with some friends. During the evening they are seen attending Lyon's Festival of Music. There is a phone call to her parents, mother Florence (Alix Poisson) and father Julien (Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval) around 3am. That is the last anyone hears from her.

When Lea doesn't make it home her parents call the police and have them involved in searching for the young girl. Commander Bertrand Molina (Francois-Xavier Demaison) and his Lieutenant Camille Guerin (Alice Pol) look everywhere for the 17 yr old girl.

Florence Morel is devastated about her daughters disappearance. She must stay calm for her other two children Zoe and Thomas as to not upset them. She does her best but Florence eventually breaks down. Lea's father Julien can't just sit around and wait for the police to find his daughter. He begins in the streets of Lyon and contacts her friends. Along the way he unravels some secrets about his daughter. Lea and her friends have kept their lives hidden with some interesting secrets. The story begins somewhat slow but as the story unravels you can't wait for the next twist or turn to come to life.

Acorn brings this drama to DVD on September 27th, 2016.  The sights and sounds are terrific and wonderful. This is one of those stories that each time you start to watch it again and again your going to realize that you missed it from the time before. This is a perfect DVD for that personal library of yours. So pick this up today and watch the agonizing time a family must endure before they get their daughter back safe and sound. Or do they?