Monday, March 24, 2014

Living With Cancer 27

It has been 35 years today since my mom passed away. I couldn't go  without saying that I have missed her all these years. I never got to know my mom as an adult. I was 18 when I pronounced her dead those many years ago. I was a kid and she will always be my mom and not just a friend. I missed that one and I wished i would have known her as a friend. You know thinking back I realize all the good she did when she was here.
She was a great mom. She took me to all my functions and sporting events. She went to the beach each Saturday during the summer. She loved to go out on Friday night and eat out. She helped so many woman who had their breast removed because she was one herself. She volunteered for The American Cancer Society and would go these woman right after their surgeries to help them adjust. She would speak at seminars about her cancer and I always thought what the big deal was it was just my mom. She was the strongest person I've ever known. Whats even funnier was when we were at the beach she would still get looks by men. That always bothered me until I grew up and saw my mom on film and she was hot. I had a smoking hot mom. She was the greatest and I miss all these years later but the greatest gift is that she was my mom.
To all who are having to deal with cancer there is life after it. There is hope. My mom fought it for 15 years. It can be beat. You just have to believe and have faith.