Friday, March 21, 2014

Prayer For 03/21/2014

Lord there are day's that you just want to work and get your stuff done and not be bothered. Well this is one of those day's. Problem is when your in one of these moods people just don't get it and they keep asking if they can help or do you want to talk is another question. Lord I try and be nice when these moods hit and I say I'm OK I just want to to do my own thing. Lord I know it has to do with the fact that I have been single all my life and when I have let people in it has been on a limited basis.  Well OK Lord  help me to get along better with people. Lord help me to be a better human being. Lord help me to what your will is. Lord when the mood hits and I just want to do my own thing help those who don't understand to feel that it's OK and I'm good and all is well with world but just let me be. Man Lord if this is male menopause then just go and shoot me then. Just kidding, but seriously Lord Pray for all who are in pain and are suffering. Come into their hearts and souls and comfort them as you know how. Amen