Monday, July 14, 2014

Master Corral: Fly Aerosmith

As a child I kept my TOYS IN THE ATTIC. My mother and father would tell me to WALK THIS WAY. I can remember at times as a child being SICK AS A DOG. it was when I hit my teenage years that I learned of some SWEET EMOTION and my MY BIG TEN INCH. Most of my friends will tell me to DREAM ON and tell me I was CRAZY. It was when I became a man and learned of LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR. I remember that I CAN'T STOP LOVIN YOU. It was fun when we all would CONE TOGETHER  and I loved to LIVIN ON THE EDGE.  Unfortunately I had a MONKEY ON MY BACK and it was the SAME OLD SONG AND DANCE. I picked myself up and got  BACK IN THE SADDLE and life came FULL CIRCLE. I learned that you DON'T GET MAD GET EVEN was the way to live. It was easy to KISS YOUR PAST GOODBYE  I grew up and learned that KINGS AND QUEENS ruled the world and that you don't EAT THE RICH  I became very sad when JANIE'S GOT A GUN and became an ANGEL.  We only live once on this planet and if you never took a flight on Aerosmith then take the time and make it a notch on your bucket list.