Saturday, July 12, 2014

Master Corral: School's Out For Summer

I was born a Billion Dollar Baby. For many years as a young child I was Caught In A Dream. I soon would become a Crazy Little Child. As a young teen we would take our fireworks and blow all the dollies and make them Dead Babies.
It was also at that time I would look at myself and ask Is It My Body   I would come to the conclusion that I Like Girls. Life would turn and I learned about my Muscle Of Love   I began to think that I'm The Coolest because I'm Eighteen.  It would also  at that time that I learned that I Never Cry and that I was A Hard  Hearted Alice
I became Public Enemy #9 and the Man With The Golden Gun.  I was No More Mr Nice Guy and was involved In the Gutter Cat v The Jets gang Fight. I was Guilty of gang warfare and would spend sometime thinking about my Teenage Lament 74.
When I emerged again and gave a big Hello Hooray I was Elected. I decided that I Am The Future and learned that Only Women Bleed.  Life as Alice Cooper has been an interesting one and I hope you enjoyed this little fairy tale. Enjoy your summer while Schools Out.