Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Master Corral: Open The Doors

When you are forced to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE then you know where you are going. Maybe you'll want to go see that L.A.Woman. When you see her all you can say is HELLO I LOVE YOU.  She is the girl who will LIGHT MY FIRE.  You know you LOVE HER MADLY and she you to bet her BACK DOOR MAN.  She will beg you and plead for to TOUCH ME baby  You will scream for her to LOVE ME TWO TIMES. in THE END you will ride THE CRYSTAL SHIP in the SPANISH CARAVAN  with the other RIDERS ON THE STORM   WHEN THE MUSICS OVER and they turn out the lights you will finally realize that PEOPLE ARE STRANGE but you want to close The Doors of your heart for that special woman.