Thursday, July 17, 2014

Master Corral: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Led Zeppelin

OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY I took the plane across THE OCEAN to find THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE.  We landed in England and saw the GALLOWS POLE at the Tower of London. It was the Battle I looked for. As we traveled into the countryside we were told WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS we should head towards the MISTY MOUNTAIN HOP.  We found the HOUSES OF THE HOLY and noticed a FOOL IN THE RAIN singing THE RAIN SONG. He looked DAZED AND CONFUSED and his BLACK DOG were enjoying their DANCING DAYS.  My FRIENDS and I would RAMBLE ON toward the battle   When we found the land of the battle we realized WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE   It was NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE and it was a COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN for you see there was NO QUARTER left of the land. There were GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES but TEN YEARS GONE there was nothing to see of the great battle   A farmer crossed our path and told us what happened about the battle. A young Prince had been told YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME for you see he had a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE for a young peasant girl. She had told the Prince that with ALL MY LOVE I will be always yours.  Another man had told her that SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU  I want to BRING IT ON HOME   The two noble men fought each other with their clans but like usual the THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.  They both would die and the young girl would kill herself and travel to the land of KASHMIR. The farmer told as all three would travel the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN they began to sing the IMMIGRANT SONG.  The field was turned over and the crops returned and the story faded from memory. Like others before the story became another song for you see it's only ROCK AND ROLL as the LED ZEPPELIN traveled on into history.