Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Master Corral: Journey

I was RAISED ON RADIO while I PATIENTLY wanted to be a SPACEMAN.  When I became a man my father told me YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.  WITH A TEAR in my eye I left my home. I learned very young that ANY WAY YOU WANT IT can be your true DESTINY.  You knew back then ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS is that ON A SATURDAY NIGHT it can be up to you. For you see LOVIN YOU IS EASY when we find each other. I told you I WOULD FIND YOU even AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.  I've been living in the CITY OF ANGELS wanting to call your name. I thought I would SEND HER MY LOVE so I could know what it means TO BE ALIVE AGAIN   I knew it was KARMA  when I saw you. I knew it would be DEAD OR ALIVE for the both of us.  When I told you FAITHFULLY that day when we made love that ITS JUST THE RAIN that caused us all the pain as we journeyed once again passionately into our arms.