Friday, July 18, 2014

Master Corral: PINK FLOYD

My name is ARNOLD LAYNE and this is my story. From the very first moments and the doctor told me to BREATHE I always felt I had some sort of BRAIN DAMAGE.  My father was CORPORAL CLEGG and he was killed in the war. MOTHER had to raise me on her own. Growing up there was always little MONEY to go around   One day when I was a young teen I tried to steal some food. The manager yelled HEY YOU and from that day I was ON THE RUN.  I tried to go back to my house but there was NOBODY HOME   When I would see PIGS (cops) I would always RUN LIKE HELL. I finally landed a job and the boss said WELCOME TO THE MACHINE.  I would meet and fall in love with VERA.  I would spend hours to SEE EMILY PLAY.  I always had a feeling that it was US AND THEM  I finally left my wife and was found playing with the SHEEP and FEELING COMFORTABLY NUMB.  They put me in a rubber room and told to SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND.  For a long TIME I would hear ECHOES.  For awhile I would build ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL but I knew eventually THE SHOW MUST GO ON.  I am now on my own ON THE TURNING AWAY road and all I can say is I WISH YOU WERE HERE in paradise.