Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Master Corrall: A Queen For A Day

After A NIGHT AT THE OPERA with the LOVE  OF MY LIFE we headed on home to GET DOWN MAKE LOVE.  The opera was BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY with all the FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS.  I told my girlfriend that there was NO ONE BUT YOU for you see I was UNDER PRESSURE to the PLAY THE GAME of love. She didn't believe me so ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST.  I became depressed and my friends said DONT TRY SUICIDE but I told them I WANT IT ALL   I told them WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER and to DONT STOP ME NOW.  You see it really is a CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED  LOVE   I didn't go through with it so I went out and found another woman to have sex with. Her child came in and I told him would TIE HIS MOTHER DOWN and that he should go to the BICYCLE RACE   The woman asked me how I felt about her and I told her YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND when in reality IM IN LOVE WITH MY CAR. I did tell her that WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS and that WE WILL ROCK YOU all night long and that made her happy. Women go figure.