Sunday, July 27, 2014

Master Corral: Mettalica

When I was young I would party ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT   I would have an ATTITUDE that I was BETTER THAN YOU.  MY BROTHERS IN ARMS taught me that ALL WITHIN MY HANDS I could do everything I wanted. I was taught as a young man that there was good AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Until one day I asked myself AM I EVIL   I waited for THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES. My FRUSTRATION would show and would welcome the peace one has for ENTER SANDMAN. THE FOUR HORSEMAN were the HARVESTER OF SORROW. IN MY LIFE I have been to HELL AND BACK   MAMA SAID when I was a child I was a MASTER OF PUPPETS. THE MEMORY REMAINS but I have NO REMORSE. You see NOTHING ELSE MATTERS and I'm ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS   SO WHAT that THE STRUGGLE WITHIN led me to SEEK AND DESTROY.  So WHEREVER I MAY ROAM , I am always WELCOME HOME. So FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS it tolls for you.