Friday, July 15, 2016

'Bad Moon' DVD Review

Ted Harrison (Michael Pare) is a photojournalist who has a secret like no other. He actually is a werewolf. This all took place when he was out in the woods of Nepal and was bitten by a beast he had never seen before. Ted would eventually become a beast himself and it didn't matter what stage the moon was in, he would turn each and every night.

Ted decided to head to the Pacific Northwest to spend some time with his sister and nephew. Janet (Mariel Hemingway) had no idea what her brother had become. The strangest thing though, her German Shepherd Thor knew something was wrong with this stranger. Ted believed the secret would always be kept hidden as dead men can't say anything. He never had a clue that a family pet would know better. Thor was there to protect his family and this certainly was something to be wary of. Ted did well for a time but eventually he will slip up and attack one or both of his family.

'Bad Moon' has all the screams and horror you would expect from a werewolf film. The acting is good and it really does bring it all together for a terrifying experience. Scream Factory brings this terror to DVD on July 19th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are great. This is definitely one for that personal library. Can Thor protect his family from a beast more horrifying than anything known? You mut watch the film to get that answer. Enjoy.