Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican National Convention 2016

The Republicans have arrived in Cleveland, Ohio. The speakers as well as the delegates are lackluster at best. What we have not seen as yet are the wide spread demonstrations that we have been promised. Yes, it is the first day of a four day event but seriously is it really going to get any better?

Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi was speaking this afternoon but what was coming from his mouth was nothing new, just the same old party line mumbo jumbo. The bashing of President Obama was quite prevalent including the inadequacy of his time in office. The attack on Obamacare came as easily as one picks his own nose. We've seen and heard it all before and it's time that someone comes up with a better grasp on the realities facing the United States.

Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas followed Wicker but unfortunately the audience was left with the feeling that we have heard it all before, oh yes we did minutes before. The musical performances  between the speakers was also lackluster at best. Simply put, Republicans if you want the American vote you really should create a better show. Yes, that's right I said show because really that's what a political convention is, a show. Which party can generate more enthusiasm and get that undecided vote to come over to their side.
So we have three more days and I certainly hope that the Republican Party can generate more enthusiasm because what I saw this afternoon made me take a nap.