Tuesday, July 26, 2016

'Jack Irish, Season 1' DVD Review

Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a private investigator and part time debt collector who enjoys a whiskey bottle more than anything else. Irish used to be a lawyer who after his wife died literally just gave up on life. He works to keep up with his drinking habit and from time to time he hooks up with a journalist named Linda Hillier (Marta Dusseldorp) for some female companionship. In hopes to further her career Hillier moves to Manila to work as a foreign correspondent.

Irish picks up a job to find a guy with a criminal past but when he catches up to the man he is killed right in front of him. Irish becomes implicated in the murder. Irish thinks he is being set up but has to worry about other troubles that creep into the case. Jack is eventually brought into an international conspiracy involving Muslims and Christians.

Linda soon realizes that the Manila job is not what she thought it would be. Jacks troubles will eventually take him to Manila and he and Linda will begin to work on almost the same case. When the two reunite it's not a total love fest right away.

Jack Irish is a wonderful story that keeps you interested throughout the entire show. It's interesting to witness how a man can drop so low but still can hold on after a devastating blow. Irish drinks way too much but still can get the job done.

Acorn brings this wonderful show to DVD on July 26th, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are exquisite. This is a lovely addition to that personal library. So don't wait. Go out and pick up a copy and enjoy.