Friday, July 29, 2016

Democratic Convention Day Four Wrap Up

The Democrats had their final evening and what an evening it was. Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for President. She became the first female to represent a party for the office of President of the United States. The one main difference between her acceptance speech and Donald Trump's was she was able to highlight what is needed to change and work on and Trump simply didn't have a clue. Trump spoke of how bad things were in the U.S., but he didn't specify how to fix it.
Chelsea Clinton spoke eloquently of her mother before she introduced her to the audience. She talked openly of growing up with Hillary as her mother and the closeness they shared. It was an enjoyable speech since for some of us have watched her grow from a young girl to a mother herself.

When Clinton took the stage she was dressed in a white pant suit outfit with her daughter in a red dress and Bill in a blue suit. They were very patriotic. Her speech started by thanking her family, friends, and the people who helped her get to this historical point of her life. She addressed her past deeds trying to help woman and also her time with united healthcare. She spoke of her time in the senate and as First Lady, but it was half way through her speech when she took off the gloves and went after Trump. She pointed out how bad it would be with him as President. She spoke of how to fix some of the problems facing us. She gave us direction and hope. Trump simply told us how bad things are and that he could fix everything all by himself. Clinton spoke of fixing things together. That not one person could be our savior.

The Democrats had a good week. It started with a division between the Bernie Sanders camp and the Clinton camp. When Sanders spoke to his followers to vote for Clinton they slowly but surely seemed to come around. So that by the time Hillary Clinton spoke last night you could see a unified party.
If the election was held today she would win hands down. Her acceptance speech last night solidified her place in history. It was a great end to a wonderful week and now the time has come for both candidates to show this country who truly would be a better President.